Bamboo Gardens for Oriental Decoration Ideas

Oriental style decoration is one of the most famous in the world, and when talking about the Eastern stuff, we cannot ignore the popularity of the bamboo gardens.

Why is bamboo garden very well-known? There are many reasons for that; first, the material which is the bamboo itself is very cheap to maintenance. Then it is also very highly customizable; you can make a lot of shape with it. Not to mention, it also requires only minimal care and durable.

Bamboo Gardens guide to follow

When talking about this type of garden, there are a lot of things to consider and one of the most important one going to be the design. Here are some bamboo gardens design ideas that you can use:

  1. There are many types of bamboos out there, and some of them can be sued as a ground cover. If you are looking for bamboos that can be sued as a ground cover or to give more accents to your other plants, it is recommended that you choose smaller types of bamboo.
  2. Annoyed that your neighbor could peek to your house? You can try to buy and arrange the bamboo into a screen on the garden. Pick bamboo type that is not utterly long, but high enough to covers up the window. Better choice but with fewer aesthetics you can always make bamboo fences.
  3. You can also make bamboo fountain yourself. If you have watched a lot of Japanese films and movies, then you might realize there are always bamboo ornaments on the fountains in their garden. You can make it yourself to give a much more tranquil atmosphere for your garden.

Bamboo is also one of the best choices for your windbreak as they are easy to maintenance and can be harvested. This will also allow you to make some bamboo furniture from the bamboo that you have harvested.

Types of bamboos

For the next important bamboo gardens tips, we are going to look at the types of bamboo to get, here are the most popular ones:

  1. Okuboi. Straight from Japan, the Okuboi bamboo is known for being very graceful but is also very durable. They grow super fast. Thus you need a proper care or else it will become ashtray and uncontrollable.
  2. Yellow groove. This yellow colored bamboo is fragile but is super flexible; this is the type to get if you want something that will not grow overly tall and big. It sways around gracefully with the wind and depending on the seasons; it will react differently.
  3. Fishpole. This bamboo type is another one that can grow incredibly fast; this requires more care. But this is one of the most popular types mainly used in Chine due to its superb durability. This is also the perfect type to be used as the bamboo screen as well.
  4. Black bamboo. As the name implies, it has a black colored stem, in which gives it a much darker and mysterious atmosphere to the house. This type of bamboo is very expensive and grows very slow. It starts with a weak stem, so constant care is required.
  5. Palmate. This kind of bamboo will not grow to be very big or long; it is medium sized which makes it very easy to decorate and customized. Due to the size, it can be used for various house ornaments and can be placed anywhere.
  6. Golden. The golden bamboo is one of the best materials for your garden solely because of its smooth appearance. You can add lightning and it will lights up your gardens more.

That’s several ideas for bamboo gardens which you can apply to create beautiful gardens.

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