5 Small Urban Vegetable Garden Ideas

Experiencing with a limited space sometimes imprison those who to start gardening in their town or cities high-rise environment. Beside to the space limitation, the biggest problem that hard to overcome is the technical aspects especially if people are trying to squeeze every possible inch of usable space to grow various types of plants.

Among the available innovative solution, here are the sums of possible small garden ideas that might afford to your favor. Start to make your own homegrown producing, no matter how small outdoor space you have.

Small Garden Ideas and Tips

If you are serious to have all the necessary things about small vegetable garden in the tiny space that will enough to feed all of your family members when the summer comes, here the tips:

  • Keep in mind that you can’t grow every plant. All people want a more thing, but here they cannot.
  • Limited space means you have to make a choice. Be wise to make a choice, choose the best collection yield of vegetables that you might require for the daily consumption.
  • Have the plants that serve a purpose. Growing herbs strongly recommended if you are right now trying to propose the question as how to start a garden for beginners.
  • Work based on the priority. What is your priority? Just adding the greenery to your unused space or your small garden will be taking a role to represent a whole of sensibilities, taste or personalities.

Try to remember these four core principles of small garden design ideas before you step out to make another decision.

Important Ideas How to Start Growing the Vegetables

  • Think about Vertical Gardening Systems. Think upward and let your plants climb away.  There are many ways to start vertical gardening starting from utilizing the wall space to have stacked raised beds. This system lets you seize a smaller space to hold various types of plants like herbs, small vegetable garden, and fruits. This method will help you to make sure your plants receive sums of equal access to the sunlight.
  • Seizing the Ground Space with Planting Box. If you are on the quest looking for raised vegetable garden layout ideas, actually this is the simplest design. Planting box usually comes with 3×3 or smaller square foot. Divide it into square foot sections to grow the plant optimally.
  • One-pot for many. Choosing a large pot or container to grow various vegetables can be a good idea. In addition to its super simple care, this way is the most cost-cutting maintenance. With only simple hand watering, you have to make sure your veggies growing.  With this method, you can combine vegetables with different colors to find them looks striking. Red spinach, green spinach, basil, and mints, are the example of the right plants.
  • Be Creative to Make your Planter. You can establish vertical garden with hundreds of ways with array choices of container vegetable gardening ideas. Think of the unused shoe organizer, boot, or the used cups. The shoe organizer is the ready-to-use container that doesn’t need further DIY customization. On the shoe organizer, you can plant such as salad, mustard, lettuce or other dwarf power plants.  Only the downside of the shoe organizer, you will need a more frequent watering.  That’s sounds interesting, put it on your next weekend project.
  • Sky Planter. The sky planter is a good option for who love of hanging plants. Only the matter, sky planters doesn’t hold too many kinds of plants. Only if you decide to add the type of visual display unit to your existing small vegetable garden, orchids, hoya, or Anthurium will thrive optimally on the sky planters. Also, the fruits like strawberry still grow optimally by this method.

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