5 Fun Basement Finishing Ideas

There are several basement finishing ideas you should think about. Basement is often neglected while other rooms get all the attention. If you plan to re-function your basement or if you want it to look good too, consider about the finishing. There are several fun ideas that will change the look and elevate the function as well.

Stone Walls

This kind of wall is going to give you dramatic change. Many times, with appropriate work, this is a perfect finishing that elevates the look of basement. Instead of total remodeling, you can use stones only on finishing in which they cover your real wall structure. This kind of finishing should be nice for a private lounge and bar, movie room, occasional bedroom, or even seating room for guests. This can take quite budget but it will be worth it.

Decorative Ceiling Basement Finishing Ideas

Look up at your basement ceiling. That needs a little work out. You need perfect finishing to finally changing your basement look. Have you ever think about decorative ceiling? Instead, you should consider wood work on the ceiling to cover the sorry look of it. Completed with nice wall finishing, this will be a nice room in which you will invite guests in with proud. You should find more models for wood work ceiling before you know what you want.

Dramatic Entrance

Why don’t we complete the basement with nice entrance look? First, you need to mind about those stairs. You need to make them lower and nicer so you can climb up and down safely. If your basement is not so big, you can make sure you have lower and longer stairs along the side wall. You also need to put enough fixture and lights so it is bright and safe. It is preferable to have lights that don’t require pulling to turn it on.

Bright Light

One of the keys to nice look for a room is the lighting and fixture. It should be added in your finishing plan. Instead of keeping it dark, you should improve the look by adding several lamps. If your basement is divided into several sections for functions, you should provide enough brightness on each section. Besides common lighting, you should consider installing illumination especially when you are building certain moods in the room or if you display several nice decoration items in it.

Shelves and Shelves

Sometimes, we should improvise a little. Instead of being too creative or too plain, we can be both. Shelves are actually excellent item to be added in your basement. If you still want the space, you can cover your wall with shelves as finishing idea. You need to make sure that these shelves respond just fine with moist and water because basement tends to have the issue. This kind of finishing allows you to store more things and to use the space for other stuffs like seating arrangement or game consoles.

Those ideas are brilliant. You need to change your perspective on your basement so you can apply them right. Instead of wasting the space, you can use the room for other nice and fun things like private bar, movie room, music room, or any other room you find nice. Make sure your basement finishing ideas fit your vision.

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