5 Choices of Portable Sink with Worthy Features

Are you planning on doing the outdoor cooking? If so, you can’t ignore the fact that you must be in need of portable sink. As the name suggests, this sink is the kind that can allow easy transportation. It is not the one that is part of the kitchen counter.

To begin with, it does not make sense to drag the sink cabinet around when it is not meant for such thing. So, it is only right to choose the portable one. Let us give you five choices to consider here. They are the ones that feature the best things for you. They would be helpful for your any activity.

florida portable sink self

Florida Portable Sink Self

Just because we look for a sink that is portable, it does not necessarily mean that every sink like that has casters on. The first sink here might not have them, but it has a simple but practical design to ensure easy transportation. Besides the sink, there is still some workspace beside the sink on the top. There is also 2-door cabinet below where the water and waste containers are put. Without casters, you can let it stand still on the ground. So, you can wash and work on things on this product’s top.

This portable sink sure is easy to work. It is self-contained and no water installation or drain hose even needed. All you must do is to plug it into 110v outlet and you can fill the fresh water tank. Moreover, this sink cabinet offers you its unique feature that is hot and cold water. You don’t usually get this feature in every sink cabinet, you know. You get the whole tub with reliable function whenever and wherever you need it if you choose this one here. The price under $1,400 is reasonable for this beautiful sink cabinet.

Monsam NS-009S NSF Self Contained Portable Sink

If you are so into to find portable sink cabinet with casters, this second sink is the choice for you. With casters, you can be sure that it would be easy to move the pan around. That being said, the sink itself has lightweight and mobile design already. So, there is no need even to question about its portability.

Just like the first sink above, this one has a sink and some space on its top while it has a cabinet with two doors below. However, with a black finish, it does look more sleek and stylish.

It makes it fit indoor and outdoor lifestyle comfortably. Not to mention, even this portable sink features dual hot and cold water taps. This feature should help for all sorts of things. There is 13-amp adjustable heater set from 95 degrees F to 155 degrees F to give the hot water for you.

Just to be exact, this sink also offers you as much as 5-gallon tank of fresh water and 8-gallon tank of wastewater. You can do lots of washing activities outdoor without any problem. All of this presents in this sink that goes with the price under $1,700.

portable sink with hot water

Ozark River Premier Portable Hot Water Sink

We have another one with casters here. Of course, the third sink here is different than the two portable cabinets sinks above. It is a different product from the different manufacturer after all so that you can expect different things from it.

If we have to say what it specializes in, we would say that it is great with its instant hot water system. It is self-contained like the two above, but it does not offer cold water. Even so, you can be sure to benefit from the quick-connect tank system in this sink here.

This portable sink even features GFCI protection and liquid soap dispenser. For sink cabinet like this, these two features just add the reliability of this product. Even when you can’t get cold water, it does not mean that you can’t get the cool, fresh one.

As for the water reservoir, this product offers you up to 5-gallon for clean water and 6-gallon for sewage. With that, you can get more than 42 hand washings with this sink. Also, it comes with splash guard behind the faucets as well. For these features in the sink, you can buy with the price under $1,600.

portable 4 compartment sink

Florida Portable Sink Mobile Concession 4 Compartment

We have another portable sink with cabinet here that comes from the same manufacturer as the first sink earlier. That being said, this sink cabinet is completely different in its look, design, and features compared to the first sink. That is why it can be another choice for you to consider here.

Yes, this product is also the one with no casters. Even so, it still has a simple but practical design. So, its transportation should not be a problem at all. Sure, this sink is similar to the first sink earlier.
What’s different between them is that this portable sink has up to 4 NFS-approved, stainless steel compartment sinks on its top. Each has its particular use; one for hand wash, one for washing, one for rinsing, and one more for sanitizing.

It is the pretty complete type, isn’t it? Moreover, the sinks are all high in quality and durability. It is certain to last for years to come. Even its water pump is durable as well. All you have to do to get this sink work is by plugging it into 110v outlet. Priced under $1,400, this sink cabinet can be fantastic.

Monsam Single Basin Portable Sink with Wood Cabinet

The last choice here comes from the same manufacturer with the second sink earlier. Of course, you can also expect different things from this sink here. You see, this product is a self-contained a portable sink. It is built to give the ideal solution for hand washing.

Starting from its design, we would say that this sink sure has a compact size. With this compactness, it would be easy to make it fit into just any space you wish for it to exist. Not to mention, you can also be sure that this sink would be portable.

There are casters on its legs below and handle on its side, to add. You can expect no less from it. It has a single basin with small space on its two sides. Did you know? This portable sink can offer you both hot and cold running water too. There are preset water heater and electric pump to make it happen.

For fresh water, this product offers as much as 5-gallon tank. As for sewage, it provides up to 7-gallon tank. This sink has the price under $1,400 and excellent with its wood cabinet too. Truly, it has useful features that will surely benefit you.