4 Creative Ideas for Your Basement Floor Plans

Your basement floor plans don’t have to be so plain and boring like in other common basements. You can be a little young and creative about it and make something interesting. Basement doesn’t have to be something you usually know. Here are several ideas that you can adopt for your basement.

Multi Purpose Space

You should consider dividing your basement into several sections at once. You don’t need walls to separate the section. The furniture arrangements should be enough. To keep it fun and nice, you should make sure you provide enough path way between the sections.

You can also use different theme on each section, to emphasizing the separation. This is going to change your basement look, and function of course, in a fun way. If you are being creative in the path way, guests will like to walk on it and see your sections as display. This will improve the room atmosphere too.

Game and Kids Play Room

This is a rather extraordinary function for a basement but it can be a nice arrangement. Parents need to have fun too, and they have the responsibility to watch over your kid. You should consider building both rooms in your basement.

You need to make sure that the access to your basement is safe enough for the kids. Improve the stairs and fix the door lock. Check on the circulation vent and make sure the floor and ceiling is fine. Separate the room into two sections, and don’t build wall for these sections. Divide the rooms using the furniture and other stuffs arrangement.

Personal Cafe Basement Floor Plans

Basement can be your personal cafe with the entire privacy you can get. You need to make sure that the air circulation and the entire part of your basement can support this. You can make the corner side as your stage, in which you can set several music instruments and DJ machine over there.

The next section should be your bar, in which beneficial enough you have your wine celery there too. The other section will be the sitting areas. If you like to invite friends, make groups of chairs and sofas. Separate the section using wall covering and decoration.

Home Office and Workshop

This is the perfect place to concentrate on your work while being close to your family. If you like the idea of home office and workshop, you should consider making separation like non permanent wall or columns. Your home office should be at the end of your basement for tranquility.

Your workshop should be large enough so it gives you freedom and space. If what you do enables you to do the same thing in a space, you don’t necessarily need to separate them. You can make sections with invisible border. Make sure the entrance isn’t in the way.

Those ideas are not only easy to do but relatively cheap as well. You can modify the ideas based on your needs and be a little more creative with the decoration plan. For information, creative basement can add the value of your house. So if you plan to sell it, work on basement floor plans.


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