Outdoor Pool Table: The Ultimate Guide

If you ever find it hard to pick the right outdoor pool table for your backyard, we got just the right guide to help you. This article will not be just a guide to choosing the right pool table, but you will find other helpful things as well.

Finding an outdoor billiard table itself is not the tricky part. But picking the right one from the abundance of available products sometimes gets very confusing. Thus we provide this tips and tricks that have everything that you need to know about this outdoor table.

outdoor pool table
Classic Outdoor Pool Table

What are Outdoor pool tables made of?

Before we go with which one you should get or what kind of table that you should consider. You should know the differences between the outdoor pool table and the indoor one.

The differences are quite significant because you cannot use indoor pool table for outdoor purpose; here are the most important differences:

  • Indoor pool table mostly uses the wooden material as a frame.
  • It can get easily damaged while used outside.
  • The playing field is very smooth and gives you the most power and spin.
  • Do not need too many extra.

Meanwhile, the outside one is a lot more complicated. Not only that they will be exposed to the environmental damage, but they will also require more care. Here are what an outdoor table for playing pool use mostly as materials:

  1. The frames of the table are primarily made from aluminum or stainless steel. These two materials are the most common used because they are pretty resistant to corrosion and other kinds of damages. They also last pretty long and will not easily warp. Plastic and fiber are the other materials commonly used. While they are also durable, they are prone to warping if exposed to too much heat or cold weather. Regarding price, the stainless steel one is very expensive, but it most likely is a waterproof pool table.
  2. The playing surface of the outdoor pool table is not as smooth as the indoor one. It cannot generate as much power and spin, but it has a lot more durability. The materials used for the playing field are acrylic fabric with the marine grade. This kind of felt is adamant and will not get damaged easily no matter the weather, and it won’t gather dust as well.
  3. Almost all of outdoor billiard table products use molded rubber for the tracks. Some use the rubber for both sides of the rails. It is believed that using more rubber for the rail will prevent it from going hardened on the inside. Unfortunately, there is no justification for that statement yet.
  4. An outside billiard playing table also usually comes with many extras. After all, this is a product that will be placed outside so that it will need a lot of protection items. The cover cloth is one extra that you must buy; this is an absolute rule of owning an outside table. The another kind added that you should strongly consider the built-in light so that you can play at night quickly. You can skip buying the extras if you think that you can make them yourself.

So, with those differences with the indoor one, how much do outdoor pool tables cost? Well, it is not going to be different, but several factors can affect the price:

  • A grade of the materials; higher materials mean higher price points.
  • The slate condition; most importantly, its thickness and pieces.
  • The overall designs of the table

The overall prices are listed as these:

  1. The lowest one is the toy table; it cost about $600 to $1,200. The material for this grade is the lowest of them all; it mostly uses plastic, so it is prone to warping and constricting. This kind of table is of a poor quality and will last for half of a decade.
  2. The primary table that is available for $1,200 to $2,000 is the next grade. It uses higher material and can last for more than a decade. But it will require extensive care to keep the table as good for that long time. The materials used are still pretty average, and the designs are dull.
  3. The mid range tables are expensive with $2,100 to $3,500 price range, but they will last for a very long time. It uses the highest of quality materials and is mostly very easy to care. Most of them got the unique design and looked excellent, most also comes with extras and warranty.
  4. The most expensive one is the custom table; it can cost you $3,500 to $15,000. These different tables are worthy to be used as your family heirloom. Not only that they are using the highest quality of materials, but they also sport a unique design of them all. You will need to be very careful with the maintenance, though, as you do not want it to get even the slightest of damages.
weatherproof pool table
Contemporary Weatherproof Pool Table

How to clean outdoor pool table?

Taking care an all weather pool table will be super easy and will not take time. But you are obliged to use different kinds of maintenance for your regular outdoor pool playing table. And if you are having trouble finding the right and proper maintenance guide, we have one just for you.

  1. When doing the maintenance, put the other playing objects away; this includes the balls, chalk, cues and so on.
  2. The finish and fabric are very easy to clean. You can just use a combination of water and soap, but be sure to do it gently and let it thoroughly dry before you use it again.
  3. When drying, avoid UV ray as much as possible, it will damage your table.
  4. You can also use UV protection spray to prevent it from getting damaged from the UV rays.
  5. Using soft wet towel are preferable than just spraying water, as some areas are not exquisite with water.

There you go, these are the complete outdoor pool table guide that you need to know. Follow these guides, and you will have no problem.