Modern Narrow Dining Table Decorating Ideas

A narrow dining table will work best for a small dining room. This particular table is very space saving. That’s why it won’t make a small dining area looks more cluttered and crowded. Narrow dining tables may not have the standard measurement. But, this fact won’t make them looks less attractive.

This narrow table will look wonderful in the contemporary dining room.  With the right dining room layout and decoration, your dining area will look fantastic.

Narrow dining table smart shopping

When you are shopping for narrow dining tables, you must know how to buy for it smartly. Before you start hunting for the dining table, you must measure your dining area first.

Narrow dining tables are available in several choices of length. They are available for 4, 6, 8, and ten seating. That’s why it is essential for you to get the size right. The right size will enable you to move around the dining area with more ease.

Another thing you must consider in choosing a dining table is the material. The choices materials compose the dining tables. Some of them have glass table top. The transparent glass tops offer more free space in your vision. It may be perfect for a small dining area.

However, the glass tops make fingerprints, water stain, and other stains more visible. So, you need more regular cleaning, and you must wipe it often. If you do not do it regularly, the stain will be harder to be removed.

If you choose to have a wood dining table, you must make sure that you select one in the right wood species. For long lasting and durable dining table, you had better choose oak, teak, mahogany, walnut, or maple dining table.

You must avoid buying one with plywood, MDF, or composite table top. These table top materials will not last long.

Dining room decorating ideas with narrow table

When you are furnishing your dining room with a small table, you must decorate it with matching decoration and furnishing. To match this dining table, you can choose various styles of dining chairs.

You can match it with traditional style dining chairs if you have a wood dining table with dark finish.

Meanwhile, if you have a dining table for a rustic look, you must match it with rustic dining chairs. This particular table is also great paired with contemporary dining chairs. For more seating options, you can choose to match it with two long benches.

If you decorate the dining table with the perfect centerpiece, it will make more looks attractive. For daily use, it is better for you to choose something simpler as the centerpiece. For example, you can use small potted plants. You can also place three small vases with a single flower in each of them.

Meanwhile, for a festive occasion, you must, of course, choose more elaborate and beautiful centerpiece. Small dining tables usually look longer than conventional dining tables.

That’s why it is better for you to arrange several vases flowers, fruits arrangement, or other decorations along the length of the table. It will make your narrow dining table looks way more attractive.

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