Pros and Cons for Installing Free Standing Bathtubs

Free standing bathtubs are a trend in this modern era. As you know, the bathroom can be said as the most significant room in a house. Imagine that you don’t have bathroom inside your house, it must be difficult.

The bathroom is not in the room with shower and toilet bowl; it is more than that. Some homeowners design their bathroom as comfortable as possible because they will use that room as the relaxation room.

It is valid for some people, but some others think the bathroom is just a bathroom. Anybody who wants to make a shower as the relaxation room should design it well. How about you?

You may be the one of the people who likes to pay more attention to the bathroom, start from the design, decoration, interior, and other appliances. If you have the bathroom with modern design or you want to remodel it for having the modern looks, you may install the modern free standing bathtubs there.

You should create a bathroom for relaxation room pleasantly. With freestanding tubs, you can stretch your legs and body to enjoy a puffy soap and the good smell of aromatherapy candles. In this opportunity, we will learn together about the pros and also cons of using this tub.

Free Standing Bathtubs Cons

Firstly, we will talk more about the cons of using the free standing bath. This bathtub is not suitable for you with high mobility. Of course, you will not enjoy the time in the bathroom because you need to take a bath quickly.

Besides, this kind of tub is also not proper enough for you who like to shave your legs every time you are in the bathroom. You cannot sit down on the edge of the free standing bathtub. It will be good for you to install the other tub with deck.

The other cons come from the price of the free standing bath. As you know, it is quite expensive than the floor bathtub. Its appearance makes this bathroom appliance has the high price. That’s all about the cons of using the modern free standing tub. Now, we will see about the pros of this thing.

Free Standing Bathtubs Pros

The size is the first of the free standing bathtub pros. As the information, this tub is fit for any bathroom size. You may install it in your small bathroom even the large ones. This kind of tub is available in various shape and design, so you can choose as your bathroom size and design also.

Then, when you use the free standing bathroom, you may hide the plumbing behind the decorative bathroom wall. Using the freestanding bathtub is an excellent idea. It means that you can cut the cost to hire the plumber.

The bathroom design is the other pros. With frees standing bathtub, you may explore this room. For example, you can install the tiles behind the tub or the large window on the side of bath position. Now, if you want to increase the atmosphere of your bathroom, it is the time to find the free standing bathtubs design as you like.

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